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Our Prayer For You -

We ask Hashem,the glorious Father above,
the G*d of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah,
to give everyone who finds their way to this page
a spirit of wisdom and revelation,
so that they will have full knowledge of Him.

We ask that you will be given full light
to the eyes of your hearts,
so that you will fully comprehend
the hope to which He has called you.

We ask that you will have a vision
of the richness of the glories
that are in the inheritance
He has promised his people.

We ask that you will fully experience
the greatness of the might
of His power that is working in those who trust Him.

We ask that He will fully empower
you with inner strength by
Ruach Ha Kodesh flowing into your
heart and mind from among the treasures of His glory.

We ask that the Messiah would make His full residence in
your heart by the means of the trust you place in Him.

We ask this so that you, along
with all of G*d's people, would be
rooted and grounded in LOVE, and that
you will be given the strength
to grasp the breadth, length, depth,
and height of the Messiah's love, yes,
to have full experiential knowledge of
the love that is beyond the ability
of our intellect to understand.

We ask that you be filled with
the fullness of the Almighty.

We ask this in the nature, character,
authority, and power granted to us inside
Yeshua, Our Messiah - LET IT BE!

We invite you to let us know about specific prayer requests. Requests sent to this link,
will be forwarded to carefully chosen and selected members of
Messiah Assembly who will hold your request in the highest confidence
while entreating the G*d of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yakov for your needs.

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