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Ryan's Central Point Weather Page
Though not members of Messiah Assembly, these nice people have allowed us to link
to their web site with detailed information about weather in Central Point Oregon

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Inclusion in this page DOES NOT constitute a blanket endorsement, by Messiah Assembly, of either the doctrinal statements, teachings, or any other content on the linked site. We have included links from many different streams of Messianic thought, some which conflict with each other.
A list of Messianic Congregations
The Web site of Russ & Peggie Magnussen, good friends of ours, who support Israel with their on-line store.

The Lion and The Lamb Ministries
Monte Judah's website. An excellent site for those of you with a deep interest in teachings about prophecy and end time events, especially from a Messianic perspective.

Michael Rood
An excellent Messianic Teacher.

Lederer Publishing Site
Messianic Publishing Company
Clip art, thoughtful articles, a lot of resources.

Messianic Poetry, as well as other resources
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.
They have a wonderful program which feeds the starving victims of Russiah Anti-semitism. We strongly urge you to consider joining Messiah Assembly in supporting this worthy cause.
Publisher of Messianic Material worth your consideration.

Zola Levitt Ministries Web Site

Listen to Streaming Audio Messianic Music Live!

Paul Wilbur's Website
Paul is one of our favorite Messianic Musicians.

Jonathan Settel
Source for a lot of wonderful Messianic Music

Music from Israel
Some Messianic, some not.. good Jewish music source.
Wonderful resources for the Christian who is wanting to understand the Jewish roots of his/her faith.

First Fruits of Zion is an excellent site. They have an abundance of Sources for books, music, and in-depth Messianic teaching.
Messianic site with a lot of resources
A Messianic site with many good Israel resources.

Sid Roth
Sid Roth's Web Site - Sid is a well-known Messianic teacher.
The Messianic Bureau International

Messianic Dance
Site giving information about Messianic Dance
Messianic Israel Ministries
Was Aramaic the original language of the Brit Chadasha?
(The New Testament)Check out this site for
thought provoking studies on this issue.
Very good explanation of things such as the 19 year cycle, Postponement Rules, etc.

Some Websites which document the history of Christian Anti-Semitism
The site of Word Of Life World Outreach in Klamath Falls, Oregon - good friends
of ours within the Southern Oregon Christian community.

Documents the continuing onslaught of religious persecution around the world.

More people have found their way to our web site using Google than any other search engine, and we have found a lot of neat things which no other search engine found by googling...
I always find things on looksmart no other engine seems to dig out...
They call themselves "the Mother Of All Search Engines.."
Checks many other search engines with your parameters..

Excite is a good full featured site that has an easy-to-setup home page feature.

Lycos has been one of my favorites for a long time.
A Good source for "All Things Jewish"

The REAL news about Israel and Jewish Issues.

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